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Ningbo Institute of Measurement and Testing(Ningbo Weighing Apparatus Management Office, Ningbo New Material Testing Center) is a measurement and verification institution set by the government. It is in charge of conducting unified measurement. The institute is one of the ten major platforms in public technology service in Ningbo. Currently, it has two national centers: National Water Meter Product Quality Supervision And Inspection Center(Ningbo) and National Measurement And Testing Center For Magnetic Materials Industry; one provincial center: Zhejiang Commodity Quantity Measurement and Testing Center; two subordinate state-owned companies: Ningbo Gongzheng Measurement Co.Ltd, Ningbo New Material Measurement And Testing Co. Ltd.

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Address: Building E, No。 1588, Jiangnan Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang province, China。   Phone: 0574-87835065

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